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Hunting at Lookout Point Camp

Hunting at Lookout Point Camp

Lookout Point Camp is located in wildlife management area #40, a region rich with dense forest, as well as new and mature cutovers. An ideal moose habitat.

Grouse are plentiful in this area, being found on most of the back roads and trails, leading even our novice hunters to a 100% success rate for this tasty bird.

If waterfowl are your quarry of choice, the bounty of lakes and marshes that dot the area make for limitless opportunity.

So, bring your rifles, shotguns, ATVs and camo. The abundance of game, picturesque scenery and cool fall air make for an exhilarating experience like no other. And, when the hunting day is over, you can put your feet up and trade stories in the cozy comfort of our Lookout Point cabins.